Here Are Some Solid Reasons Why Kids Should Play Cricket at School

According to government statistics, 8 in 10 schools in the United Kingdom give their students a chance to play cricket. This is great as cricket is one of those sports that has a number of benefits for kids that play it. We will now take a look at what these benefits are and at the end of this article, we bet you will be taking your children down to the local cricket club (if you don't already) so that they carry on playing cricket outside of school. Parents with great knowledge about the game could easily place winning predictions here: (

Cricket Teaches Self Reliance and Resilience


Although cricket is very much a team game, your teammates cannot bowl your first ball for you, they cannot control your footwork while you are batting, and they cannot steady your nerves when an important catch is coming your way. You have to do all of this yourself, so it is up to you become self-reliant and to put the practice in so that you become the best cricketer that you can be. Therefore, cricket is a great sport for kids to play as it helps them to develop their character.

Everyone makes mistakes, even the greatest sportsmen, but what is important here is that they get back up, brush themselves down and make sure that they do not make the same mistake again. Cricket can help to teach kids that there will be tough moments in life, but you just have to get up and move on. In short, it teaches them to be more resilient.

Cricket Teaches Respect Towards Others

Cricket has always been known as a gentleman’s sport that is full of respect. When you are watching football, you will often see the players crowd around the referee and hurl abuse at him if they do not like a particular decision. You will also often see them get into fights with opposing players.

This is something that you will never see at a cricket match. In cricket, you are expected to show respect to your teammates, your opposing players, and the umpires. If the umpire makes a decision that you disagree with, you just have to accept it and move on. There is nothing more distasteful for cricket fans than watching a player show dissent towards an umpire.

Good values and manners seem to be disappearing in society as a whole, but at least cricket teaches children discipline and the importance of respecting those in charge.


Cricket Helps to Improve Social Skills

Cricket provides children with the chance to make new friends and practice working as a team. This will undoubtedly help to improve their social skills over time, including communication and cooperation. These skills are very important for everyday life and will help your children to become active members of society in the future.

Cricket is Just Such Great Fun

Playing cricket will have a positive effect on your child’s development, but another reason why your kid should play cricket is that it is great fun. Hitting boundaries, taking wickets, pulling of an outstanding catch, what’s not to like about being part of all that? Playing in a team with the sun shining provides a lot of enjoyment and helps to keep them fit.